Love under the clouds

April 29, 2014

Sarah likes Montreal. Albert loves Montreal. But these two love each other more than they love their city. We had the opportunity to follow them on this colourful day. Although Mother Nature wasn’t exactly on our side, we were blessed with emotionally intense pictures, sparkles in lbert’s eyes and pure joy in Sarah’s smile. Since weather is something that is totally out of our hands, if Mother Nature doesn’t grant you the sun’s warm rays […]


A family trip

April 25, 2014

We don’t need much to create heartwarming memories that will make you laugh for a lifetime. A family full of energy, smiles as radiant as the sun, a beautiful fall day, ducks and a lake, a forest, wood sticks turning into swords, loving tickles, baby cheeks, childrens’ laughter, two beautiful little boys and a set of parents in love. This all reminds us of how rich life really is. Needless to say we had a […]


What are you doing today?

April 22, 2014

April 22 is Earth Day. Today, we all have a mission: to reduce the negative impacts on the environment. We have therefore decided to take the challenge on by taking concrete action (at least one!) today.Something that we usually don’t think of doing in our daily lives. Today, Eliane will add a tree to her garden. Simon has agreed to the exclusive use of eco-friendly products for the maintenance of the studio. Raphaelle will install […]


Happy Easter

April 18, 2014

Easter rimes with bunnies, chicks, holidays and chocolate. But Easter is also so much more! It is an event, an infallible excuse to celebrate with family and friends, to sugar-coat hearts with love and to reconnect with our childhood. So go outside to play, hunt for eggs, chase the bunny. Collect happiness, big and small. Reunite with family, give yourself a break, enjoy the pleasure of being surrounded by your loved ones and add to […]


New stuff is in the air

April 15, 2014

As many of you already know, things have been moving around here in the studio. We are reorganizing our work space and this wind of change has also reflected itself in many other aspects of our work. Today, we wanted to take a short break to share all these changes with all of you. First of all, we have moved our office from the basement to the main floor (but don’t worry – the studio […]