Passion et Gourmandises

May 30, 2014

Passion et Gourmandises c’est l’histoire de l’amour de deux gourmands pour la boulangerie-pâtisserie artisanale. C’est leur goût de la qualité, leur penchant pour les saveurs, leur passion pour le travail bien fait et authentique qui rend cette petite boulangerie si particulière. Cet endroit rempli de délices a vu le jour il y a bientôt quatre ans. C’est le “bébé” d’Olivier et de Marie-Pierre, deux amoureux de la cuisine artisanale. Comme nous les connaissons depuis quelques […]


Cambodia in Montreal

May 27, 2014

The province of Quebec is full of surprises. It is a colourful society where cultures mix and match. This is what makes our province so rich. It also makes photographers happy! Anne Maly and Elias helped add to our cultural baggage by giving us a specific role on their big day. She, Cambodian, was hoping to integrate her culture into the ceremony but also wanted a traditional wedding. The day began when the wedding procession […]


A maternity photo shoot with the family!

May 20, 2014

We know Marie-Ève, Steven, and Océane’s family quite well. Baby Rosalie joined them not too long ago. You can see their pictures here). Marie-Ève is the kind of person who always smiles and is always in a good mood. She has never-ending enthousiasm and a contageous laugh. She and Steven met with us at parc des Salines in Saint-Hyacinthe. For these lovebirds, these pregnancy pictures were quite important and one of the reasons for that […]


Mix of traditional and exotic

May 16, 2014

If there is one moment we want most to make original, magical, and memorable, it is certainly the one when we pop the question. Finding the perfect idea, one that will reflect the couple, is not always an easy task. Thomas overcame the challenge! He also got great help from his cat. He proceeded to hang a “Will you marry me?” sign around the cat’s neck. Isn’t it adorable? We loved it! So did his […]


Sarah + Joel = Baby Leo

May 13, 2014

A newborn always brings its load of sweet excitement and inspite of the numerous sessions that we have done for some time now, this feeling never goes away for us. We still find ourselves amazed by the beauty and force of what life creates. More than just a baby, it’s a ton of love, laughter, happiness, a being that slowly learns about life right before our eyes. Not too long ago, we photographed the newest […]



May 6, 2014

They are thousands and they are everywhere, always running around, always worried, always loving. They are nurses, teachers, cooks, seamstresses, storytellers, drivers, and living encyclopedias. They are psychologists, career counsellors, stylists, accountants, and event planners. They hunt down monsters and pick flowers. They do tea with princesses and build castles. They turn the couch into a boat and a long trip into an adventure. Their voice is the softest and their arms are the coziest. […]


Save the date: User manual

May 2, 2014

How much do you know about our “Save the date” sessions? This session is all about getting yourself familiar with the camera as well as with the one who will be in charge of capturing your most precious moments. It is also an opportunity to allow your photographer to know you better, to discover your personalities, and to find out what you like and what you love. It is a moment to give yourself a […]