Close family

March 31, 2015

It happens sometimes that we instantly feel good with someone we just met. It almost feels as if we’ve known them before, as if we were destined to meet them. When we first met Marie-Noëlle and her family, we were immediately charmed. All 5 of them form a warm and loving family filled with joy and smiles. Seeing them made us want to be a part of their family in order to get a taste […]


Alice, the new little princess

March 24, 2015

Expecting a child is a memorable experience. It is a moment in life filled with doubt, excitement, and worries, and only lasts a few months. Then comes birth, the long-awaited moment but also very dreaded. A few tears and a breath of happiness later, what’s next? Then we learn about changing diapers and living on very little sleep. We get familiar with the different breastfeeding positions or bottle nipples, or both! We find out that […]


2015 Editor’s Choice Awards

March 10, 2015

On this planet are a few (actually many) good photographers. There are people who know how to compose with light and angles, technically flawless, who know how to turn an instant into a masterpiece. There are many of those and the competition is fierce. Sometimes we compare, we admire, and we wish we could have thought of THAT before. Nonetheless, we were surprised and honored to receive the 2015 Editor’s Choice Award this year. This […]


Back to Basics

March 3, 2015

This month, Eliane fled for a weekend along with her little bunch and her nephew to Au Diable Vert resort in Sutton. What did they find? A beautiful rustic shack. What did they not find? Power, running water, bathtub, or shower. None of the things that make our daily lives a little more comfortable, but so many memorable moments! The four explorers went snowshoeing under the trees, and also did a lot of sledding. Eliane […]