Loverbirds in the thunder

April 28, 2015

There is something very strong, very powerful, and very magnetic between those two. It’s precious, beautiful, and it makes us want to rise up on top of the mountains. Annie and Julien love one another. And we love them too. Before tying the knot, we met them atMontreal Old Port, which is a prime destination for urban photo shoots in order to do their “Save the date” session. We absolutely love these shoots because they […]


The King, the Queen, and their Princes

April 14, 2015

Not too long ago, people would commonly get married and had children several months later. Although it is also the case today, many couples decide to go about it the other way around. Guylaine and Benoit chose to go through that important day surrounded by their children. The result was a festive and emmotional summer family celebration. We could easily feel the love they shared which was highlighted with the refreshing energy of their adorable […]


When love tastes like nougat

April 7, 2015

Marie-Paule and Renaud’s love fuses them together, the kind of love that smells like roses and tastes like nougat, the one that oozes happiness. As the beautiful bride-to-be prepared in a stunning loft in the Old-Port of Montreal area, her loved ones showered her with all the little things only a bride gets on her wedding day. Everyone was clearly excited, we could feel it in the air. We made many pictures of marie-Paule since […]