A family wedding

May 26, 2015

It is no secret that we love weddings, you all know that by now. We especially appreciate the ones that bring families together, the ones that bring out our inner child, the ones that are refreshing for the heart and soul. This is what Sophie and André’s wedding was like. Filled with laughs and joy, children screaming and excitement. We met them at Château Montebello where the event was taking place from beginning to end. […]


Our Lighthouse

May 11, 2015

She is our lighthouse. Our anchor point. She is behind us, she will always be. She taught us to ride a bike. She made us study and sang us lullibies. She picks us up, pushes us further, and she comforts us. She is the hand we have held so many times, the one that guided us, the one that still does. She is the shoulder we lean on. She is those arms that make us […]


Rainbow Smash-The-Cake

May 5, 2015

It has been several years ago already that we met Jonathan and Josiane. We have had the opportunity to watch them join their destinies, grow, and blossom. They shared with us their first pregnancy as well as their first baby. Thus it was a very natural task for us to immortalize their princess’ first birthday. For the occasion, Josiane had baked and decorated a spectacular cake in accordance with the theme’s colors – a rainbow. […]