Love in Quebec city

January 27, 2016

The place where we live is often more than just a roof over our head. It’s a neighborhood, some precious friends and friendly neighbors. These are our favorite shops, coffee where we like to daydream, the park where we take the time we need to breathe. It’s the street where we met, the bench on which our first kiss was exchanged, the market where we both always laughed. It is here that we live and […]


People like them

January 18, 2016

Melanie is a incredible friend. Melanie is one of those amazing people that illuminate life. Who accept us as we are, with our doubts, our little craziness, our laughter. One of those rare people with whom you can share everything. With whom we grow, we open up, with whom we change the world (many times), we cry, we laugh, we go on adventures. A person with whom time passes too quickly. Melanie is a dear […]