A family

August 18, 2016

Today, a family may takes many forms. It can consist only of a pair of lovers. There may be a father, a mother and child. Or many. There may also have two dads or two moms. A family can be a stepfamily. It can include uncles and aunts and friends. And if you’re like Marie-Claude and Claude, you could also have a dog in your family. Because an animal can be so much more than a four-legged friend. It can become a confidant, a best friend. It has its own little (or big!) personality. It is unique… and it is also part of the family. For us, it is always a pleasure to include them in your portraits.
We met to capture their very pretty little family of four (dog counted) in their immaculate home. We love minimalist interiors. They help us highlight the beauty of our subjects, give the images a little timeless touch. White was in the spotlight and it was perfect. Special mention to the lace dress of Marie-Claude!
Marie-Claude and Claude thank you for this session all in softness.