A belly in the woods

March 16, 2016

Being a photographer, it’s having the chance to share small pieces of happiness with our customers. It’s the privilege of seeing them change and grow. It’s to be with them in the happiest events of their lives. It’s living their engagement, wedding, the birth of their first child, then their second. Being a photographer is filled of joy, complicity and smiles.
We follow the adventures of Sarah and Joel for many years, since they said yes to each other. We saw their first pregnancy, which gave them a little Leo. And now, we just photographed their second. We joined them at their chalet in the magnificent Laurentians. Despite there was no snow in the middle of December, we had fun in the leaves. The ground was not quite frozen so it was a bit… messy. Needless to specify that Leo loved getting dirty! The mist rose on the mountain, giving us a beautiful landscape. A fox even came to show us the tip of its nose!
Thank you Sarah, Joel and Leo, we wish you a gorgeous baby Eva full of life.