Along Lachine Canal

June 23, 2016

Waiting for the arrival of a child is to have butterflies in the stomach, sparks in the eyes, smile drawn on our face. Is sharing a project larger than ourself with the person we love. It is dream, hope, imagination. It is anticipation, waiting, again and again. And sometimes, to help move this long wait or simply for capture these moments of precious memories, we do as Sophie-Annick and Benoit. We treat ourselves with a belly session.
These two will be wonderful parents. Just see how they look at each other. How they laugh at everything and anything together. We have made maternity photo session along the canal. We are tremendously attached to this place because it offers so multiple possibilities, since it is constantly evolving. The couple left their shyness aside and were more than perfect on camera, despite the wind in lovely Sophie-Annick dress and in our hairs.
Sophie-Annick and Benoit, thank you both for this sublime moment. We wish you many more with your little Arthur!