Butterflies in the heart

March 2, 2016

A pregnancy is hapiness, joy, apprehension. It is butterflies in the heart and stars in the eyes. It is surprising to speak to her belly, stroking it, even make it listen to music. Await the arrival of a brand new baby is to live the excitement and anxiety … always one after the other (or at the same time!). It is also dive right into the unknown. Is discovering, is re-discovering. A pregnancy is filled with love.
Emily and Nicholas will soon be parents and it is on this occasion that we went to meet the future trio in a beautiful private residence in Eastern Townships. We love move to do sessions out of the ordinary. Travelling throughout Quebec, Canada and sometimes abroad inspires us. With the enchanting scenery of this day, we were served! The trees, the lake, all the little small hills, the first snow … everything was sublime! The love between these two is amazing. Strong and powerful. We had so inspired that place.
At the end of the session, the future grandma has kindly prepared us hot chocolates and coffees to warm our frozen fingers. What a lovely touch! Really, we are fortunate to have the best customers.

Emilie and Nicholas thank you for your kindness, for the incredible decor, for your love so true. We hope you enjoy every moment of this new life!