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Sweetness and sparkles

June 16, 2016

Maybe you remember of Emilie and Jean-Nicolas? We had met in 2012 for their dream wedding on a private estate in Cowansville. This amazing day has been published in several places and we still heard of it regularly. The beautiful barn that has hosted the reception marked the imagination!   We joined them not a long time ago for a family session. They aren’t two anymore, but four! An attractive family in a superb apartment, […]


Simple happiness

May 25, 2016

We always enjoy meeting new people, discover their world, watching their love.   Geneviève and Charles wanted a family session at home. And what a home! You would think it comes straight out of Pinterest. Light, bright, airy, it is charming and lively. Our favorite room: the girls playroom where we had cakes accompanied by a good cup of tea! Playing with children is one of the best sides of our job. We learn to […]


A bit of softness

February 17, 2016

Doing a photo shoot at home, it’s a bit going into people’s privacy. It’s discover them in a new angle, it’s getting to know them, to see how they live, to know their tastes, their history. It’s capturing new aspects of their personality, which we would not necessarily have seen in a studio.   We went to meet Virginie, Jean-François and the gorgeous little Victoire in their charming home. If there is one word that […]


Welcome twins!

September 18, 2015

The magic is always there when a family is expecting. For Audrey, Loic and big beautiful Liam, there was even a double dose of sparkles. This family has welcomed two new members, two beautiful babies, two little angels. We met them at their home, just to make a portrait of this family of five. And they were wonderful to see together. The complicity between them, despite its novelty, is already so strong. Liam , the […]


A new face

September 3, 2015

The arrival of a baby is always awaited. This is a moment charged with excitement. All family members arise the same question: When we will see his/her tiny nose? All hope now, but some families are just a little more impatient than others. Audrey and Mathieu have clearly expected their little miracle. And they were pleased to welcome their little man with beautiful eyes. We visited them in their lovely family nest to meet baby […]


At home

August 7, 2015

Often enough, parents are reluctant to in-home photo sessions. They worry that their home is too small, too dark, too dull, too messy, not good enough. But these are exactly the things that spark creativity and that put our imagination to work, making the session feel more real and lively. In a studio with white and black screens as well as a handful of borrowed accessories, it doesn’t feel at home. The lighting may be […]


Few days of life

July 8, 2014

Rosalie! We already showed you how impatient her parents and sister were to meet her with an amazing family/pregnancy shoot last fall. Then, we told you the story of her birth in detail as we were lucky enough to be a part of as photographers. It is now time to share with you her first days of life. She is so pretty and quiet, we just want to bite her! We really do feel lucky […]


9 months of waiting

June 3, 2014

Expecting a child is a time filled with contradictory moments, especially when it’s the first one. These 9 months seem sometimes too short and sometimes way too long, we feel joy and then apprehension, we feel excitement and then anxiety. We project and we can’t wait and then other times we wish we could go back and think this whole idea over. Then we wonder how in the world we will manage work, family, social […]


Cambodia in Montreal

May 27, 2014

The province of Quebec is full of surprises. It is a colourful society where cultures mix and match. This is what makes our province so rich. It also makes photographers happy! Anne Maly and Elias helped add to our cultural baggage by giving us a specific role on their big day. She, Cambodian, was hoping to integrate her culture into the ceremony but also wanted a traditional wedding. The day began when the wedding procession […]


Sarah + Joel = Baby Leo

May 13, 2014

A newborn always brings its load of sweet excitement and inspite of the numerous sessions that we have done for some time now, this feeling never goes away for us. We still find ourselves amazed by the beauty and force of what life creates. More than just a baby, it’s a ton of love, laughter, happiness, a being that slowly learns about life right before our eyes. Not too long ago, we photographed the newest […]