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Love at the Gardens

June 22, 2017

Marine is a superb brunette with a sweet joy of life. She has an immense heart and a little adorable childish side.   Adrien is the quiet force, energy and joviality. Founder and rallyer, he perfectly completes his half.   Together, they are so cute that they were waiting impatiently for their marriage.   The groom got ready in their little love nest in beautiful Montreal, wonderfully surrounded by her guests. Once all this beautiful […]


Our best friend

April 20, 2016

Choose to join our destiny to the one of another person, it is an important choice. It’s also probably the biggest and most meaningful promise that someone can do. And when it is make to our best friend, our ally of all times, our soul mate, nothing, no stress no rain can diminish our happiness.   Caroline and Jonathan went on their thirty-six in two different rooms of the Petit Hôtel. Jonathan was all smile, […]


Shades of love

February 3, 2016

Their love is sweet, romantic, tender. It is strong and delicate, precious and passionate. Their love is multi-cultural, fresh, playful. It is a love full of shades. It is rare. It is true. Clotilde and Frederic get engaged in front of their family and friends at the end of August, in Oka. They wanted to have a wedding witha vintage twist. A little classical, a bit eclectic, with used items (Clotilde spent months to find […]


A TV series inspired wedding

January 27, 2015

Émilie and Bobby are inseperable. They met while they were in school and haven’t left each other’s side since then. They have become best friends, confidantes, accomplices, and soul mates. They are crazy about each other, it is all over Émilie’s smile and all over Bobby’s eyes. They chose to celebrate their love last May in an intimate way but very much original. They chose a Dr. Who theme and their wedding at the beautiful […]