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Morning sunshine

June 2, 2016

Morning sessions have a little something charming. Maybe because they make us out of the routine, maybe because at that time the light is as beautiful, maybe because being surrounded by bursts of laughter and smiles is the great way to start a day, maybe it’s a bit of everything.   It was a beautiful morning when we photographed Isabelle, Jérôme and their two wonderful angles, Charles and Frédérique. We have joined them in an […]


A family by the river

March 31, 2016

Life is a complex composition of moments, a serie of small and big adventures. And these adventures can be meet your soul mate, start a family, find a cozy nest…   We had the pleasure of photographing Anne-Catherine, Jean-François, their amazing Emile and belly baby, to celebrate not only the arrival of their second little angel, but also the purchase of their gorgeous new home. Anne-Catherine had mentioned the presence of a cute barn in […]


Welcome twins!

September 18, 2015

The magic is always there when a family is expecting. For Audrey, Loic and big beautiful Liam, there was even a double dose of sparkles. This family has welcomed two new members, two beautiful babies, two little angels. We met them at their home, just to make a portrait of this family of five. And they were wonderful to see together. The complicity between them, despite its novelty, is already so strong. Liam , the […]


At home

August 7, 2015

Often enough, parents are reluctant to in-home photo sessions. They worry that their home is too small, too dark, too dull, too messy, not good enough. But these are exactly the things that spark creativity and that put our imagination to work, making the session feel more real and lively. In a studio with white and black screens as well as a handful of borrowed accessories, it doesn’t feel at home. The lighting may be […]


Little Red Riding Hood and the big wolf

November 19, 2014

She has beautiful red hair, she is joyful, she has guts, she has character, she is charming, she is a mom and she is also in love. She is little red riding hood! Suite à la cérémonie, nous avons volé quelques instants le couple aux invités, histoire de faire quelques photos sur la plage et même sur le quai! He is tall, very tall, calm, he smiles a lot, he is engaged, he is a […]



May 6, 2014

They are thousands and they are everywhere, always running around, always worried, always loving. They are nurses, teachers, cooks, seamstresses, storytellers, drivers, and living encyclopedias. They are psychologists, career counsellors, stylists, accountants, and event planners. They hunt down monsters and pick flowers. They do tea with princesses and build castles. They turn the couch into a boat and a long trip into an adventure. Their voice is the softest and their arms are the coziest. […]


A family trip

April 25, 2014

We don’t need much to create heartwarming memories that will make you laugh for a lifetime. A family full of energy, smiles as radiant as the sun, a beautiful fall day, ducks and a lake, a forest, wood sticks turning into swords, loving tickles, baby cheeks, childrens’ laughter, two beautiful little boys and a set of parents in love. This all reminds us of how rich life really is. Needless to say we had a […]