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Surrounded by love

October 28, 2015

Getting married is unite our destiny with another one. It’s also unite two families just to create a bigger one. It’s to set goals together. Getting married is a way to shout to the whole world (or at least to those who are close to us) how our love is beautiful and pure. It is a commitment towards each other. It is a promise. This is one of the biggest decision of our lives. Kelly […]


Apple picking

September 25, 2015

Autumn is an inspiring season. Flaming trees, warm colors, the golden light, harvest time, fresh air, the wind, the sun warming our hands and our hearts. It is in a fabulous autumnal scenery we joined Marie-Noel, Benoît and their kids for a photo shoot outdoors. A walk in the woods, another in the fields and apple picking in the orchard; really, their two boys had a field a field day ! It was a photo […]


A family wedding

May 26, 2015

It is no secret that we love weddings, you all know that by now. We especially appreciate the ones that bring families together, the ones that bring out our inner child, the ones that are refreshing for the heart and soul. This is what Sophie and André’s wedding was like. Filled with laughs and joy, children screaming and excitement. We met them at Château Montebello where the event was taking place from beginning to end. […]


Rainbow Smash-The-Cake

May 5, 2015

It has been several years ago already that we met Jonathan and Josiane. We have had the opportunity to watch them join their destinies, grow, and blossom. They shared with us their first pregnancy as well as their first baby. Thus it was a very natural task for us to immortalize their princess’ first birthday. For the occasion, Josiane had baked and decorated a spectacular cake in accordance with the theme’s colors – a rainbow. […]


Close family

March 31, 2015

It happens sometimes that we instantly feel good with someone we just met. It almost feels as if we’ve known them before, as if we were destined to meet them. When we first met Marie-Noëlle and her family, we were immediately charmed. All 5 of them form a warm and loving family filled with joy and smiles. Seeing them made us want to be a part of their family in order to get a taste […]


Alice, the new little princess

March 24, 2015

Expecting a child is a memorable experience. It is a moment in life filled with doubt, excitement, and worries, and only lasts a few months. Then comes birth, the long-awaited moment but also very dreaded. A few tears and a breath of happiness later, what’s next? Then we learn about changing diapers and living on very little sleep. We get familiar with the different breastfeeding positions or bottle nipples, or both! We find out that […]


Back to Basics

March 3, 2015

This month, Eliane fled for a weekend along with her little bunch and her nephew to Au Diable Vert resort in Sutton. What did they find? A beautiful rustic shack. What did they not find? Power, running water, bathtub, or shower. None of the things that make our daily lives a little more comfortable, but so many memorable moments! The four explorers went snowshoeing under the trees, and also did a lot of sledding. Eliane […]


Small moments of amazement

July 15, 2014

The art of photography is so much more than just pressing a button. It involves the photographer on an artistic level but also on a personal level, and this is particularly the case with newborn sessions. Aside from capturing the finest details of such an incredible miracle, we step inside the intimacy of a couple who have become a family. We capture their amazement and their look filled with newfound love. We preserve memories of […]


A maternity photo shoot with the family!

May 20, 2014

We know Marie-Ève, Steven, and Océane’s family quite well. Baby Rosalie joined them not too long ago. You can see their pictures here). Marie-Ève is the kind of person who always smiles and is always in a good mood. She has never-ending enthousiasm and a contageous laugh. She and Steven met with us at parc des Salines in Saint-Hyacinthe. For these lovebirds, these pregnancy pictures were quite important and one of the reasons for that […]


Sarah + Joel = Baby Leo

May 13, 2014

A newborn always brings its load of sweet excitement and inspite of the numerous sessions that we have done for some time now, this feeling never goes away for us. We still find ourselves amazed by the beauty and force of what life creates. More than just a baby, it’s a ton of love, laughter, happiness, a being that slowly learns about life right before our eyes. Not too long ago, we photographed the newest […]