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A new face

September 3, 2015

The arrival of a baby is always awaited. This is a moment charged with excitement. All family members arise the same question: When we will see his/her tiny nose? All hope now, but some families are just a little more impatient than others. Audrey and Mathieu have clearly expected their little miracle. And they were pleased to welcome their little man with beautiful eyes. We visited them in their lovely family nest to meet baby […]


This person

July 31, 2015

When you meet that person who could keep you awake all night just looking at them sleeping, that person whose presence alone is enough to give you goosebumps, that special person who is all you could think about, the one who makes you stronger, more humane, the one who inspires you for whom you want to set goals and surpass them, or surpass yourself. When you meet that person for whom you would build a […]


Fit of love

June 9, 2015

We can’t deny that our customers are the best in he world. It happens sometimes that a family or a couple has something particular to make us literally fall in love with them and what they are. This is exactly what happened with Anne-Valerie and François. He is also a photographer and we have to admit that this added quite a bit of pressure on our shoulders. They were so sweet that they entrusted in […]


Loverbirds in the thunder

April 28, 2015

There is something very strong, very powerful, and very magnetic between those two. It’s precious, beautiful, and it makes us want to rise up on top of the mountains. Annie and Julien love one another. And we love them too. Before tying the knot, we met them atMontreal Old Port, which is a prime destination for urban photo shoots in order to do their “Save the date” session. We absolutely love these shoots because they […]


When love tastes like nougat

April 7, 2015

Marie-Paule and Renaud’s love fuses them together, the kind of love that smells like roses and tastes like nougat, the one that oozes happiness. As the beautiful bride-to-be prepared in a stunning loft in the Old-Port of Montreal area, her loved ones showered her with all the little things only a bride gets on her wedding day. Everyone was clearly excited, we could feel it in the air. We made many pictures of marie-Paule since […]


Little Red Riding Hood and the big wolf

November 19, 2014

She has beautiful red hair, she is joyful, she has guts, she has character, she is charming, she is a mom and she is also in love. She is little red riding hood! Suite à la cérémonie, nous avons volé quelques instants le couple aux invités, histoire de faire quelques photos sur la plage et même sur le quai! He is tall, very tall, calm, he smiles a lot, he is engaged, he is a […]


Cambodia in Montreal

May 27, 2014

The province of Quebec is full of surprises. It is a colourful society where cultures mix and match. This is what makes our province so rich. It also makes photographers happy! Anne Maly and Elias helped add to our cultural baggage by giving us a specific role on their big day. She, Cambodian, was hoping to integrate her culture into the ceremony but also wanted a traditional wedding. The day began when the wedding procession […]


Sarah + Joel = Baby Leo

May 13, 2014

A newborn always brings its load of sweet excitement and inspite of the numerous sessions that we have done for some time now, this feeling never goes away for us. We still find ourselves amazed by the beauty and force of what life creates. More than just a baby, it’s a ton of love, laughter, happiness, a being that slowly learns about life right before our eyes. Not too long ago, we photographed the newest […]



May 6, 2014

They are thousands and they are everywhere, always running around, always worried, always loving. They are nurses, teachers, cooks, seamstresses, storytellers, drivers, and living encyclopedias. They are psychologists, career counsellors, stylists, accountants, and event planners. They hunt down monsters and pick flowers. They do tea with princesses and build castles. They turn the couch into a boat and a long trip into an adventure. Their voice is the softest and their arms are the coziest. […]