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A surprising baby shower

March 22, 2017

A save the date session skiing on a mountain, another surrounded by alpacas, a wedding in Cameroon, a little family at a fun fair … We can say that we are lucky to be able to take part of such incredible projects. Thanks to the best customers of all! But our most crazy mandate to date is probably the one the beautiful Sandrine and Mickaël gave us.   These two, they are beautiful, they are […]


Save the date in a lavender field

October 20, 2016

July; the long evenings and their last rays of sun, lavender fields full of purple floers (and bees!), warmth, simplicity, happiness.   We have shared an incredible evening with Chloe and Alexandre, two lovers, two best friends, two fiancés. We met them at the splendid Lavender house in St-Eustache for a save the date session under a magnificent golden light.   Unaccustomed to the camera, an engaement session was perfect for our two lovebirds. We […]


Some happy faces

September 1, 2016

Sometimes, we like to look back. Review the happy faces of the grooms and brides who have crossed our path, who have placed their trust in us for capturing their unforgettable day. In 2014, we had the chance to meet Jo-Annie and Alex, two beautiful lovers, two people full of vitality, of enthousiasm, of love. We really had a crush.   The girls are prepared DeGuire Castle, the boys went get ready in a beautiful […]


Marie-Paule + Luc

July 14, 2016

Some of our customers make us live extraordinary experiences. Like Marie-Paule and Luc. They have decided to give us a special place on their big day.   The couple chose to say ”Yes” feet in the sand and head under the palm trees, at the splendid Azul Fives resort in Riviera Maya. They prepared together this unique day for a long time, reviewing every detail, imaginating various scenarios. But they would not doubt one second […]


Shades of love

February 3, 2016

Their love is sweet, romantic, tender. It is strong and delicate, precious and passionate. Their love is multi-cultural, fresh, playful. It is a love full of shades. It is rare. It is true. Clotilde and Frederic get engaged in front of their family and friends at the end of August, in Oka. They wanted to have a wedding witha vintage twist. A little classical, a bit eclectic, with used items (Clotilde spent months to find […]


Love in Quebec city

January 27, 2016

The place where we live is often more than just a roof over our head. It’s a neighborhood, some precious friends and friendly neighbors. These are our favorite shops, coffee where we like to daydream, the park where we take the time we need to breathe. It’s the street where we met, the bench on which our first kiss was exchanged, the market where we both always laughed. It is here that we live and […]


Surrounded by love

October 28, 2015

Getting married is unite our destiny with another one. It’s also unite two families just to create a bigger one. It’s to set goals together. Getting married is a way to shout to the whole world (or at least to those who are close to us) how our love is beautiful and pure. It is a commitment towards each other. It is a promise. This is one of the biggest decision of our lives. Kelly […]


This person

July 31, 2015

When you meet that person who could keep you awake all night just looking at them sleeping, that person whose presence alone is enough to give you goosebumps, that special person who is all you could think about, the one who makes you stronger, more humane, the one who inspires you for whom you want to set goals and surpass them, or surpass yourself. When you meet that person for whom you would build a […]


Fit of love

June 9, 2015

We can’t deny that our customers are the best in he world. It happens sometimes that a family or a couple has something particular to make us literally fall in love with them and what they are. This is exactly what happened with Anne-Valerie and François. He is also a photographer and we have to admit that this added quite a bit of pressure on our shoulders. They were so sweet that they entrusted in […]


A family wedding

May 26, 2015

It is no secret that we love weddings, you all know that by now. We especially appreciate the ones that bring families together, the ones that bring out our inner child, the ones that are refreshing for the heart and soul. This is what Sophie and André’s wedding was like. Filled with laughs and joy, children screaming and excitement. We met them at Château Montebello where the event was taking place from beginning to end. […]