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A rainy wedding day

February 18, 2015

Sometimes, wedding days go off without a hitch from start to finish, as pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together. However, sometimes, this so important day has a few little mishaps up it’s sleeve which turn into anecdotes that feed discussions for years to come. Marc and Mercedes’ wedding day is part of the latter. We first made our way to Château Joliette where the bride and groom had chosen to prepare for the […]


A lemonade by the lake!

February 9, 2015

When the groom is as calm as he is joyful, groomsmen more than just sympathetic, a bride-to-be that’s soft and astonishing, and even a lemonade bar, this day could not get any better. We met Mehdi for the first time on his wedding day. We were happy to notice that he is very ice and very relaxed too. He was preparing for the ceremony with his groomsmen at Hôtel du Lac in Tremblant. His parents […]


A TV series inspired wedding

January 27, 2015

Émilie and Bobby are inseperable. They met while they were in school and haven’t left each other’s side since then. They have become best friends, confidantes, accomplices, and soul mates. They are crazy about each other, it is all over Émilie’s smile and all over Bobby’s eyes. They chose to celebrate their love last May in an intimate way but very much original. They chose a Dr. Who theme and their wedding at the beautiful […]


Mariage Quebec’s magazine cover

January 22, 2015

Life sometimes provides us with amazing opportunities, moments that make us feel proud, that fill our hearts with joy, and that make for that irresistible feeling of sharing with you. Here is one of those moments. When the Mariage Québec team suggested we take part in a creative session, we gladly accepted right away. To us, a session of the sort is bliss. It is an opportunity to take the time to create and try […]


Little Red Riding Hood and the big wolf

November 19, 2014

She has beautiful red hair, she is joyful, she has guts, she has character, she is charming, she is a mom and she is also in love. She is little red riding hood! Suite à la cérémonie, nous avons volé quelques instants le couple aux invités, histoire de faire quelques photos sur la plage et même sur le quai! He is tall, very tall, calm, he smiles a lot, he is engaged, he is a […]


First wedding of the season!

September 30, 2014

You may remember the save the date we posted a few months back. It was an urban, modern, and simple session. This save the date was featuring to women as adorable as they are amazing. If you missed it, you can find it here. We are sharing with you today their big day, which also turned out to be our first wedding of the year. What better way to begin another big season! They tied […]


Snow White of modern times

August 22, 2014

We just received our copy of the Elegant Wedding magazine and we are ecstatic! A bit earlier this summer, we participated in a Snow White themed shoot, and we are so proud to present to you today the results of this magical day! Les collaborateurs de ce projet : The suppliers for this project Direction artistique / Artistic director: Mlle Artsy Arrangements floraux / Floral design: Charlotte Lefevbre Décoration florale Robes / Dresses: White Montreal, […]


Un mariage branché!

August 7, 2014

If you haven’t already noticed, we REALLY LOVE weddings with character. Marjorie and Miguel definitely gave us one to serve this thirst! This wedding is quite different from the ones you are used to seeing on here in a way that it is more urban and unconventional. We really enjoyed it! We first went to Hôtel St-Paul where the newlyweds and their respective parties were grooming up for the ceremony. We began with the gentlemen’s […]


An urban Save the Date

June 6, 2014

A few weeks ago already, we witnessed two wonderful girls unite in love before their loved ones. One is softer, more reflective, while the other is more spontaneous. They both love to laugh and make each other laugh. They both love each other deeply and both are beautiful. They light up when they are together. We had the opportunity to photograph them on more than one occasion. We also worked with them on their engagement […]


Cambodia in Montreal

May 27, 2014

The province of Quebec is full of surprises. It is a colourful society where cultures mix and match. This is what makes our province so rich. It also makes photographers happy! Anne Maly and Elias helped add to our cultural baggage by giving us a specific role on their big day. She, Cambodian, was hoping to integrate her culture into the ceremony but also wanted a traditional wedding. The day began when the wedding procession […]