These children

July 21, 2016

Children are one of the reasons we love the family sessions. Full of innocence, smiles. Full of energy, candor, freshness. Full of love, kindness, laughter. They provide a delicious imaginary wind, a cloud of sparks, butterflies, extravaganza and joyful rainbows.
They are cute, they are adorable. They accelerate life. They bring us back to basics.
We met the mini Eliane and her parents, Melissa and Maxime, for a family photo session in Nature Center of Laval. A place that has it all to charm this little curly cutie with big eyes. Trying to catch the geese who attended the photo shoot, she was so cute! And when she dipped her feet in a puddle her expression was worth all the gold in the world!
Melissa, Maxime and Eliane, thank you to you three for this breath of fresh air and the laughter aplenty.