Cotton candy and merry-go-round

February 15, 2017

Being a family photographer is to have the privilege of seeing grow, evolve, change people for whom our attachment grows from session to session. It’s being able to share moments of happiness in their company, to create unique connection, to tell the history of their lives. So that they can tell it in their turn.
This bond of complicity is precious and essential. It’s what allows crazy ideas to come alive. Like this improvised photo shoot, filled with colors and bursts of laughter, in a shopping center fair!
One evening on her way home from work Jonathan saw a magnificent street fair at the back of a shopping center. The next day, we imagined how to make family pictures in this place they had dreamed of for a long time. A place tickling the imagination, smelling delicious cotton candy and popcorn. Quickly, the project came to life and it was in the gentle light of late evening that we met for a memorable session. A pleasure for both the little girls and the older ones. Rides of merry-go-round, sunbeams, ferris wheel and antique carousel, a session sparkling and refreshing as we love!
We are already looking forward to our next session with these four. We love them so much!