Happy Holidays!

December 11, 2015

In this time of rosy cheeks, red noses and warm hugs, we like to tell you how much we love you.

You are our inspiration, those who push us to do always better, those for whom we are ready to lie down on the ground or to climb a tree to offer you the perfect shot. As we spent all summer (weeks and weekends) to photograph your beautiful smiles and because we want to offer you everytime the best of ourselves, we have decided to take the next few weeks (from December 13 to 17 January) to recharge our batteries, find new ideas, relax a little, take time for of us and our small families.

But before leaving you to go decorate our Christmas tree, we wanted to wish you Happy Holidays. Enjoy these moments to hug your loved ones in your arms. To tell them that you love them and to repeat it. Get out walking together, make snowballs battles (or pillow if the snow still absent). Cook delicious cookies, eat candy canes, drink hot chocolate, go skating… In short, enjoy the magic of this time of year.

We offer you our best wishes, kisses on both cheeks and see you in 2016 !


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