Love at the Gardens

June 22, 2017

Marine is a superb brunette with a sweet joy of life. She has an immense heart and a little adorable childish side.
Adrien is the quiet force, energy and joviality. Founder and rallyer, he perfectly completes his half.
Together, they are so cute that they were waiting impatiently for their marriage.
The groom got ready in their little love nest in beautiful Montreal, wonderfully surrounded by her guests. Once all this beautiful people were ready, a yellow bus took them to the splendid Gardens of Arlington. A short one-hour stroll between friends and family, a perfect start for the festivities.
The beautiful Marine, was pumped up on the spot, in the heart of the old barn in which she had even slept the night before, lying in the straw. The rays of sun filtered by the planks of the building gave a romantic and felted look for which we’ve completely cracked!
The ceremony took place by the river, just a field away. Field which welcomed their first look session. All smiles in her beautiful tulle dress, the bride breathed happiness. Her future husband was not left behind, with his sparkling eyes and his tangible joy. Then we arrived at the ceremony, where the guests, seated on straw bundles, lemonade in hand, and lulled by the music of a gypsy jazz band, feverishly awaited the lovers. The simple, bohemian, fabulous decor was perfect.
In order not to have their guests turn their thumbs during the (so romantic!) couple session, they had prepared playful games and especially brewed their own beer for the occasion!
The evening ended in the imposing barn, so nicely decorated.
Marine and Adrien, thanks for this perfect boho day!
Thanks to Simon Laroche, our second photographer for this day