Cold nose and alpacas

July 6, 2016

Sometimes we want to be out of the box, we decide to break out, to open our horizons, to escape from our comfort zone. And we love it! These are little pearls sessions, the most precious ones.
Gabrielle and Frédéric gave us the chance to realise a very special session in the beautiful Laurentians. A (so cold!) winter sitting in the middle of a farm … alpacas! We joined our couple at the Royal Fiber, a place full of charm and curious alpacas. There was a lot of snow, so we had plenty of time to enjoy it! Fortunately, our lovers are not the timid kind. Despite the icy air, red nose and freezing fingers, they played the game until the end. Even if we had all the miseries of the world to drag our sleigh as the snow level was high! The plaid blanket and hot chocolate were all given for the end of this so amusing session.
The owner of this beautiful place was just lovely and special mention to the hairstyle of our 4 legged friends!