Sweetness and sparkles

June 16, 2016

Maybe you remember of Emilie and Jean-Nicolas? We had met in 2012 for their dream wedding on a private estate in Cowansville. This amazing day has been published in several places and we still heard of it regularly. The beautiful barn that has hosted the reception marked the imagination!
We joined them not a long time ago for a family session. They aren’t two anymore, but four! An attractive family in a superb apartment, full of sweetness and sparkles. We had to tame Eliane, the eldest girl, with delicious pastries. The idea of ​​wearing her Tinker Bell brand new costume had conquered her as well. The result is terribly cute! It was a simple photo session, reflecting life as what it trully is. Full of laughs, tickling, calm, crazyness and love.
Emilie, Jean-Nicolas and girls, thank you for your smiles, your laughter, the tacky little fingers and fairy wings.