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July 31, 2015

When you meet that person who could keep you awake all night just looking at them sleeping, that person whose presence alone is enough to give you goosebumps, that special person who is all you could think about, the one who makes you stronger, more humane, the one who inspires you for whom you want to set goals and surpass them, or surpass yourself. When you meet that person for whom you would build a world, that one person who keeps pushing you further than your dreams, that person you see when you close your eyes, the one whose arms make all your troubles go away, that exceptionnal person who makes you want to grow old with them because you know that the best is always yet to come by their side.

Annie and Julien are all that and even more. For this, we adore them. They tied the knot last July at the St-Sauveur church. Shortly before the ceremony, we met them at Estérel Resortwhere they were making themselves pretty for each other. The ceremony was beautiful, very simple as requested by the couple. Back at Estérel for the couple session, Annie and Julien spoiled us with their energy and their drive. They were willing to try just about any pose as perfect subjects would!

Highlight of the night: their first dance as husband and wife. The chosen song was in perfect harmony with the atmosphere at the moment. A few incredible minutes of which we would have gladly had more!

Annie and Julien, keep building bridges between yourselves and the sky. Life is so much prettier from up there.
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The suppliers for this wedding:

Florist : Carte Blanche :
Gown : Anne Jean Michel :
Suit : Moores :
DJ :  Bruno Chalifoux & Mathieu Lamarche :
Make-up & Hair / : Karina Geoffroy & Sandy Goulet 
Church : Église Saint-Sauveur :
Venue: Estérel :
Other participants:  Les Automobiles Popular :, Selina Design :

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