Who are Bonnallie Brodeur?

Who are Bonnallie Brodeur?

They are a duo of photographers who have a well known and remarkable fondness for imaginative staging, audacious treatments, as well as unique and warm contacts. This particular species of photographers won’t hesitate to turn to the unimaginable to provide you with memorable souvenirs (such as soiling their beautiful attires or coming close to an involuntary dive in a pool!).

Éliane Brodeur

Friendly and gentle, dynamic and charming, Eliane explores lines and textures. She plays with moods, draws with light, photography with her heart. Passionate, she wishes to chart her own path, to move away from stereotypes. When she takes her camera in her hands, she enters her bubble. Her brain is bubbling, simmering different poses, each more original than the other. Loving to be surprised, she is always looking for new experiences. Offer her a
crazy idea and prepare yourself to be amazed.

Simon Bonnallie

Stylish music lover with biting humor, Simon is a perfectionist at heart. Smiling and fearless, nothing can stop him from making THE perfect shot. Constantly on the lookout for the detail that will change everything, it only stops when he is fully satisfied. Whether you want to update your portrait business or revamp the image of your company, this specialist in buisness photography will outperform your expectations. Combining impeccable technique and a good dose creativity, he will surprise you and offer you quality images.

Vidéos du meilleur Duo de photographes

Motel Oscar avec les BB

We decided we also wanted to try this out! We asked our good friend Isabelle Paille to torture us through a photo session! She was the one behind our laundromat photo shoot last year. This year, we are repeating history. However this time we opted for a Bonnie and Clyde-style concept at Motel Oscar on Montreal’s South Shore. You can also see our mascot Hugo playing a ferocious feline guard.